Survival tip – easy-to-make fire starters

Here’s a short video showing how to make a very easy fire starter.  This is a variation on the standard “cotton ball with petroleum jelly” fire starter.  Lots of folks will just roll cotton balls around in petroleum jelly – this will definitely give you a functional fire starter, but there is a way to make them burn much longer.  By liquifying the jelly, and then dipping the cotton balls in it, you get a cotton ball that is completely impregnated with the petroleum jelly.  This makes it burn much longer (literally 20 minutes of a good, solid flame).  This is especially useful if your primary source of fuel is damp – you need a good, solid, long-burning flame to dry the fuel out.  It’s easy and cheap.  Hope this helps.

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4 Responses to Survival tip – easy-to-make fire starters

  1. lzrqstvodin says:

    Another way to start a fire (as a back up) would be with a 9V battery and Steel Wool.

    • bigbeefyd says:

      I know that it works. Here’s the thing (prepare for an odd look into my past)…when I was a Boy Scout in the late 70’s, we had a thing called the Klondike Derby. It was a sled race (we had to build our own sleds) that involved stops at 12 “skill stations”. One of those stations was Fire Making. Another troop used batteries and steel wool, which was completely against the rules. To this day, when I see that, it feels like cheating. Oh, and it’s way cooler-looking to light a fire using a flint and steel 🙂

  2. lzrqstvodin says:

    The issues that were abroad have now come to America.

    Now is the time to start Prepping or continuing to Prep with more determination.

    Assess your day and figure out where you most frequent. Prep for that.
    Example: I am onsite with my clients every day. So that means I am in a vehicle a lot. With that in mind I am setting up an EDC Bag.
    Translation: Every Day Carry Bag / Get Back Home Bag.

    This bag will contain items that will aid me to get back home if I am without a vehicle.
    The contents of this bag are things such as water, fire starting tools, sweat suit, medical kit, can of tuna, aspirin, maps, compass, pocket knife, flash lights, tools, duct tape, electric tape, bailing wire, string, superglue, … etc.

    As far as prepping goes you will never have everything that you need. So start with the basics
    “The Rule of Threes.” A person can survive for:
    – 3 minutes without air
    – 3 hours without shelter
    – 3 days without water
    – 3 weeks without food
    Build it with those rules in mind as well as weight. You will be carrying that bag.

    We are in a state where we cannot expect the safety that was enjoyed in the past. You can be prepared better if an issue arises.

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