Humility and inspiration…good things to have

Today I volunteered, along with several of my co-workers (most of whom I count among my very best friends in the world) at the Denver Rescue Mission, a local homeless shelter.  We chopped (about a trillion) potatoes, and then served lunch to around 150 people (some homeless, some just down on their luck).  We’ve all heard the expression “There but for the Grace of God go I”.  I experienced that feeling, deep down, today.  I saw so many folks that came for what I considered to be a pretty meager meal, but it was probably the best they have had all day.

Today did two things for me.  The first, and by far the most important, is that it made me remember that I am commanded by my Lord and Savior to serve others.  It’s been a while since I’ve had that reminder, and it was very welcome.  The second was to show me how very important that being able to eat is.  And that, in turn, reinforced my conviction to make sure that, no matter what happens, I WILL feed my family. So yeah, I will keep buying and packing food into buckets.  So that the most important people in my life won’t have the look that so many of the folks at the mission had today.  And if you tell me I am crazy, I will smile and nod.  And I will feel a little bit more ready every day.

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4 Responses to Humility and inspiration…good things to have

  1. lzrqstvodin says:

    Common rule of survival. You need to be able care for your self before you can care for others.

  2. bigbeefyd says:

    You’ve made essentially the same comment on 2 of my posts’ I guess I don’t know what you are getting at. Elaborate, please?

    • lzrqstvodin says:

      In Hello world I gave the definition of the preparation.

      With Humility and inspiration… I was providing a fact.

      Both apply to the original article. I didn’t mean to have them linked together. I was only reading and then replying to what I have read.

      But since you brought this to light : ) preparation also suggests you should always back up your preparation not just once but at least 2 times again. (You can never have to many back up preps)

      Its nice to finally see there are a few people in Colorado that have this train of thought and are willing to speak about it. (Prepping)

      Anything can happen for any reason, so I am trying to prepare for a situation that most don’t contemplate.

      • bigbeefyd says:

        Got it! And I agree wholeheartedly – backups are critical. And the reason that i am willing to speak about it is simple, I think – I have a responsibility to my loved ones. The more that we are prepared, the fewer resources we will need to consume if the SHTF. Worst case, there will be more stuff in the FEMA camps for the folks that weren’t prepared. Thanks for reading and commenting, I truly do appreciate it!

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