I guess it’s for the children, or something, cuz it sure as hell doesn’t do anything in the real world

So…the Colorado State Assembly is poised to ban magazines that hold more than 15 rounds.  Apparently this will stop gun violence.  I’m not sure how, as they really haven’t explained that part.  I guess that it all hinges on everyone, including criminals, buying into the new law.  That would be neat, wouldn’t it?  Having criminals find a law that they would obey?  I hope they do.  Really.  But let’s face it…they won’t.  They are criminals.  You can pass all the laws that you want to, and they will ignore them.  So what you do, when you pass a law like this, is require me to be WAY more accurate than a bad guy.  Because I only get 15 rounds.  He gets as many as he wants.  All I want to do is to protect my family.  He wants to kill us.  And he gets to use as many bullets as he wants.  How is that fair?  How is that right?  Why do you want me to break the law in order to protect my family?  Or, if you don’t want me to break the law, why do you want my family to die?

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